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he Top Trending Dog Names

The Top Trending Dog Names of 2022

Mike revealed to be the top trending dog name of 2022, based on data from millions of user-submitted pet names on Rover.com, closely followed by the likes of PrestonSmokey and Mabli.

Women’s EURO success meant Alessia, Rachel and Lioness were added to this year’s ranks 

During the cost of living crisis Armani, Prada and Dior all trended up in a bid to indulge those with expensive tastes.

Food And Drink-Inspired Dog Names

People’s favourite foods and drinks often influence dog names and this year is no different. The top 10 most popular food dog names are: CocoHoneyPepperCookieOliveOreoPeanutBasilBiscuit and Mac

Brits are showing their sweet tooths, as Pie (831%), Cinnamon (497%), and Cupcake (430%) are trending up. 

Comfort foods are also proving popular, but not all are equal: the dog names PizzaPotato and Chips are trending down, 219%, 209% and 184% respectively. 

Fancy a tipple? Well, the top 10 most popular drink-inspired dog names are: BaileyCosmoWhiskeyBrandyMerlotTequilaFizzGin and Vino

Merlot (141%), Tito (102%), Gin (31%) and Pimms (31%) are trending up.

GOOOOOAAAALLLL! Football Inspired Many UK Dog Names

2022 was a great year for England’s women’s football team—they won the Euros for the first time ever, making history as European Champions—hence football-inspired female names trending up. The Lionesses proved to be an inspiration in more ways than one, with names such as Alessia, Rachel and Lioness entering the ranks this year for the first time. Leading goal scorers (Fran) Kirby and Beth (Mead) also topped the trending list of names from the team, both trending upwards by 306% and 81% respectively. Nikita (up 181%), and Keira (up 167%) all significantly gained in popularity. Men’s team names are also trending up, with Sterling up 131% and Harry up 64%.

Black text stating: Football-inspired dog names. A Golden Retriever dog wearing a football scarf, surrounded by other football-themed illustrations.

The Royal Family’s Influence Includes Dog Names

Britain’s royal family has been in the spotlight more than ever this year, and has yet again influenced dog name choices. Archie, George, Harry, and Louis are overall the most popular royal names this year. Kate (up 630%) remained ever popular as well, with Charlotte (up 231%), Queenie (up 131%), and Lizzie (up 72%) trending upward from last year. Both the names Harry and Megan are up too (63% and 57% respectively). Camilla, the new Queen Consort joins the list this year. Meanwhile Charles, Britain’s new king, is trending down by 156% .