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How Many Cans of Wet Cat Food Should a Cat Eat per Day?

From soft pâtés to chunks of meat laden with gravy, canned cat food has a particular appeal for most cats. It is like a cat’s meow in essence! Canned cat food is extremely tasty, and the premium texture of the food provides your cat with a delicious dining experience. A variety of flavors allows you to provide your cat with new food options throughout the week.
If your cat loves to lap up a bowl of canned cat food, you might even find your adorable feline begging for more when dinner is finished, which leads to the question: how many cans of wet cat food per day is the right amount? It’s not always clear because, with the high moisture content of canned cat food, you’ll need to feed your cat more wet food than you would dry kibble.
The number of cans of cat food you feed your cat per day has a lot to do with the food you choose, as well as the size and age of your cat. Let’s take a look at how many cans of wet cat food is the right amount to contribute to a healthy, happy cat.

How Many Calories Are in a Can of Cat Food?
When considering how many cans of cat food to feed your cat in a day, it can be helpful to begin by understanding how many calories are in a can of cat food. The total number of calories in a single can of cat food will vary based on the brand, type of food, and size of the can. The following is a rough estimate of most canned cat food:
In a 3-ounce can: 70–125 calories
In a 5.5-ounce can: 120–180 calories
In a 12.5-ounce can: 360–450 calories
Always read the label on your canned cat food to find out exactly how many calories are in the particular recipe you have chosen. That will help you calculate the number of cans to feed per cat per day.

Calculating Your Cat’s Daily Food Needs
Calculating the correct amount of cat food to feed your cat each day is a crucial decision. If you provide too little food, your cat may lose weight or even become ill. If you provide too much food, your cat may become overweight or obese, which can lead to various health issues.
To calculate the correct amount of cat food to feed your feline family member, start by figuring out the weight of your cat and how many ounces per can of cat food you have. Then, follow the feeding guidelines on the can. Most cans provide a recommendation based on your cat’s weight and the number of cans per serving. Don’t forget to include any dry kibble you’re serving your cat along with the wet food in your calculations.
How Many Cans of Cat Food per Day for a Kitten?
For kittens, due to their small size, most cat parents opt to use one 3-ounce can of kitten food. The feeding instructions for a 3-ounce can of kitten food are age-dependent.
0–11 weeks: feed until full 3–4 times per day
11–26 weeks: feed ¾ of a can per pound of body weight per day
26–52 weeks: feed ½ of a can per pound of body weight per day

Selecting a Healthy Diet for Your Feline Family Member
It is essential to remember that all of these calculations are approximations and to carefully monitor your cat’s body condition. Every cat has a slightly different metabolic rate, just like humans.
If you notice that your cat is gaining a little extra weight, you may consider decreasing its daily food intake by 10%. Conversely, if your cat is losing weight, you may want to consider increasing its daily food intake by 10%.
Always consult your veterinarian to determine your cat’s exact caloric needs or if your cat is suddenly gaining or losing weight. Highly active cats will require more food than sedentary cats. Additionally, if your cat requires a specific diet due to an underlying health condition, you may need to reduce or increase its food intake.
Your veterinarian can help you determine whether or not your cat is within a healthy weight range and the specific amount of food that will help keep your feline companion on a path to good health.