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Unique-Eared Cat: Meet the Californian American Curl

If you’re looking for a cat that commands attention and exudes tranquility, look no further than the American Curl! This genetically diverse breed of feline first emerged in the mid-20th century and wasn’t recognized as a new breed until 1986 when the Cat Fancier’s Association accepted it.

Origins of The American Curl

The origin of the American Curl is shrouded in mystery, but it’s generally accepted that their curl-eared shape was caused by a random mutation. Shulamith, a black-haired stray cat, was discovered by a California family in the early 1980s. She had ears that curled backward, a unique feature that would become a hallmark of the American Curl breed. Shulamith’s kittens were also born with the curl-eared trait, and their descendants continue to carry this unique genetic mutation today.

Distinctive Features

The curl-eared appearance of the American Curl is their most eye-catching feature, but their appearance is more than just their ears. These cats are medium-sized and can have short or long hair, with a weight range of about 5 to 10 pounds. The American Curl’s ears straighten out in the first few weeks of life and remain soft and silky to touch.

Coat length and color are also variable, with some cats inheriting long hair and others remaining short-haired. The American Curl’s tail is also an important feature; it’s long and full, resembling a plume. Coat texture is also an important factor, with the hair being very smooth and silky.